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  1. I also submitted a customer service request awhile back (a week or two) and did receive a response via e-mail. My feeling is that the folks that manage such things aren't staffed for a very large organization, and so patience is required...and possible persistence. I'd encourage you to resubmit your request, if you haven't already, as it may have been inadvertently deleted, missed, been blocked by a spam filter, etc. Likewise, perhaps the response was similarly lost due to a typo, filter, etc. Unfortunately I can't seem to pull up my customer service response, or I would try to put you in touch with a representative. If I can find it, I'll contact you via PM. -M
  2. That's an entirely personal decision. If it were me? I'd leave it running for a LONG time, hoping that SOMEDAY I'd get a full copy and then seed it until the health of the swarm improved. Not everyone is like that. If it's something you can get somewhere else, or something you don't really need/want...maybe just give up and move on. Now, you CAN do some research into the torrent and try to hunt down more information...maybe even track down whoever created it or uploaded it or whatever and approach them directly. Not always possible, and takes some work, but if it's important, rare, and time-critical...maybe you need to do that. -M
  3. Imagine my surprise when I discover that no amount of google-fu was able to find what I believed to be a ubiquitous discussion of ALL tech communities...the thunderdome of opinions on what the best computer setup to run their software consisted of. Well, I am no master, but I'm happy to play the blaster. I have a vision, a light-weight dedicated machine that runs Torrent software to manage a VERY large torrent collection. This would incorporate a large amount of network storage and ideally be accessible (say, remote desktop?) from the network itself. I see a small cube sitting in a small room, alone and ignored except for it's online friends (something many of us can relate to). What say you?!? Respectfully, -M