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  1. Hi Harold Thanks for the info, am happy again now. Regards Ken
  2. Main screen used to show date created & date completed but now stops at peers. How do I get it back so I know to stop seeding after 3/4 weeks.
  3. Been waiting 18 days for approval - come on
  4. how long do I have to wait for approval?
  5. Just got new PC set up by Spanish engineer. BT canĀ“t open finished torrents to seed. The engineer has set Location of torrents (store in) F/user/downloads which is the same location of new downloads. Is this correct.
  6. Up to the last few days all new torrent downloads appeared at the top of the list. Now some are at the top of the list but some are mixed in with the torrents I am seeding. As I am seeding about 250 torrents this is annoying.