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  1. My settings seem to change to *3 from *0, by its self ever 10 to 15 days. Any idea why? I've changed from Kaspersky to Bitdefender hoping to a avoid this scenario, also checking the log files; no evidence.
  2. Thanks. That seems to have fixed it. No idea how that value got changed. Though it seems my security suite (Kaspersky Total) has been changing settings without prompting. Time to change. Thank you again.
  3. Hi, gui.default_del_action is set to *3
  4. This is a recent problem, one I've not had in many years of BitTorrent use. When I try to remove a torrent from the application using the remove button, it deletes the downloaded file and the torrent file which are located in different locations. Nothing has been changed, makes no difference if the file is seeding, stopped or paused, it deletes the entry and file. This started some hours ago and I've checked the settings and Windows settings. BitTorrent Pro 7.9.9 on Windows 10 Pro all updates current.