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  1. I found the same torrent on another site. However this one has no seeds, 10 peers. The one I am downloading now has 6 seeds and 4 peers. Would the torrent with 10 peers have a greater chance of getting a peer with the missing pieces?
  2. Is it possible for the availability to increase over time?
  3. Can u elaborate as to why having an availability of 0.956 is the reason I haven't been able to finish?
  4. Hi, I'm new to bittorent but up till now I havent come across this problem. I'm downloading a torrent, It starts downloading really fast at 1.0 Mb/s then all of a sudden at 95.6% it just says downloading. Its been stuck at that % for a week now. The torrents availability is 0.956 and I've added tons of trackers to it,, but its still stuck at downloading 95.6%. Can somebody help?