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  1. Between now and October 11, four BTT users will receive 1M BTT with one grand winner claiming 10M BTT. Eligible participants can enter by downloading the free or Pro version of any BitTorrent or µTorrent client that contains a BitTorrent Speed wallet, then activating Golden Wallet Sweepstakes following the steps outlined when launching BitTorrent Speed for the first time. In addition to entering the sweepstakes program, participants who activate the Speed wallet can begin to enjoy faster download speeds while receiving rewards in BitTorrent (BTT) tokens. More details about the sweepstakes can be found here, while eligible torrent clients can be downloaded here: µTorrent Classic, µTorrent Web, BitTorrent Classic, BitTorrent Web. The Golden Wallet Program runs from September 7, 2021, at 4:00 PM PT until October 11, 2021, at 4:00 PM PT. There is no entry fee or purchase obligation to be eligible to win. Participants can also enter by email. Void where prohibited, please visit the official rules page for more information. How to participate if you are an existing Bittorrent Speed user with a wallet. If you are a Bittorrent Speed user with an existing wallet you are already eligible to participate and will see a banner at the top of your Bittorrent Speed dashboard, as shown below. How to participate if you are a new user. First, download the free or Pro version of any BitTorrent or µTorrent client that contains a BitTorrent Speed wallet: µTorrent Classic, µTorrent Web, BitTorrent Classic, BitTorrent Web. Please note the Golden Wallet Sweepstakes can only be accessed through clients downloaded directly from our official website. Once the client is installed, open the client then click on the Speed icon as indicated below: Next, Bittorrent Speed will launch. Create your wallet by following the steps outlined. Once created, your Bittorrent Speed will show the Golden Wallet Banner at the top, as shown below: How will I know if I won? You can check if you are a winner by clicking on the “Did I win?” button once a week. If you are a winner, a new window will pop up indicating you won and your e-mail address will be requested. Please note you will have three business days to claim your prize and comply with requirements. If you are not a winner, the Golden Wallet banner will display a countdown timer until the next round. You may also follow our Twitter account for winner announcements. More details about the sweepstakes can be found here. If you need additional information, you may create a ticket at https://help.utorrent.com/support/tickets/new
  2. Dear user: As the number of Bittorrent Speed users grows, so does our dedication to security and safety of our users' assets. As a result, and while we are working on improving our protection mechanisms, we decided to limit the BTT withdrawals to a 2,000,000 (2 million) token supply to be delivered among our users daily. We are diligently working on the Exchange service status and will make sure to keep you posted on the progress. Feel free to visit our Help Center at https://help.utorrent.com/support/home for updates, or raise any questions you may have by submitting a ticket here: https://help.utorrent.com/support/tickets/new We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you. Regards,The Bittorrent Support Team