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number of upload slots

Guest Shauwny

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Guest Shauwny


for a while now, i've been "initial" seeding a 65GB+ torrent with two seeds. one @ 200K/s, the other @ 400K/s.

i have noticed that Bittorrent only opens up about ten to 12 upload slots on both torrents.

there are many more people downloading (approx 70), but my clients only connect to about half of them max.

on both clients i am using the settings suggested by the bittorent setup guide (max 500 connections globally, max 100 per torrent), except for the number of upload slots.

the setup guide wants me to set those to max 8, but i feel that is too low. on my 400K line, that would mean 50K/s per upload slot, and i feel i could serve this torrent a lot better when more people get data. personally i'd like to be able to allow for 40, maybe 50 downloaders at the same time, but when i set that number of upload slots, bittorrent just won't listen, and stick to 10 or 12 upload slots.

a few days ago i posted the suggestion to make this less resticted for the new client, and received a comment that bittorrent SHOULD only limit the amount of upload slots when the speed per slot went below 3K/s or so, but that is clearly not what's happening in my experience, since the lowest average i can achieve is 200/12=16.6K/s per upload slot.

and i'd really like to know why this is happening, and if there is something i can do about it.

most of all because now i send out gigs of data to some people, and nothing at all to others which can't be good for the torrent spread imho.

can anybody help me with this?



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