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New downloads are placed in parent of specified folder


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This is something that started happening a long time ago.

In my options, I had "Put new downloads in" set to something like this:


and the "Move completed downloads to" to:


with the torrent's label appended.

The completed downloads go to their correct subfolders in \completed\, however new downloads don't go to the right place. Instead of being in the \bittorrent\ folder as I specified above, they go into the parent folder, which is e:\downloads\. This is problematic as I have many other items in there and things get mixed up.

I figured maybe for some reason they can't go into that \bittorrent\ folder so I created a subfolder for them to be put in like so:


However, NOW all the downloads are going into e:\downloads\bittorrent\.

So, for some reason, all new downloads are being placed into the parent folder of whatever I put in the options.

For now, specifying the \temp\ subfolder will at least put the new downloads where I wanted them originally. The \temp\ folder doesn't even have to exist.

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