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Labels & Skins`


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I'm new to BitTorrent, but I've been using µTorrent for a couple of years now. They are changing their label function, so I'm looking at an alternative. It all has to do with labels. This is what I want to do.

I was able to have the finished Torrent files moved to the "Persistent Labels [separate multiple labels with | character]" under Preferences/Advanced/UI Extras. So when the torrent files were completed, the files with the torrent would be moved to the Directory that was set under Preferences/Directories/Move completed downloads to; then there would be a sub directory that was named by the label I gave it. In my case it would be:

D:\Completed Torrents\ Then the completed torrent files use to be moved to D:\Completed Torrents\Torrentz\

So if I labeled another torrent ISO Hunt, it would be in the D:\Completed Torrents\ISO Hunt\ directory, and so forth. If I have 7 labels in the "Persistent Labels [separate multiple labels with | character]" setting and I have completed torrents for each of those sites, I would have 7 sub directories in my D:\Completed Torrents\ directory.

Next, I was wondering if BitTorrent supports "Skins", just like µTorrent has. Is this also available with BitTorrent? I would appreciate any and all help concerning this matter. B)

Thank you.

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