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Bittorrent speed issue


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I have been using bittorrent for 2 years and never get any problem but these past week my downloading speed is very slow only getting 27.0kb/s and i try alot different torrent same result i tried to check speed in bittorrent setup guide this is result i get Upload: 736.9 kbit/s (89.7kb/s) download: 256kbit/s (29.9kb/s) after i tried many thing to fix my download speed i try to disable my antivirsus and run bittorrent setup guide result upload: 839.9 kbit/s (102.3kb/s) download: 1.3 Mbit/s (153.6 kb/s) my speed increase alot but still i am using 4mbps my download speed should be 430kbit/s.450kbit/s etc.

There is two thing i like ask you and need to know what wrong with my speed and hopefull fix it

Is there any other way to fix my download speed i cant disable my antivirsus i use internet and download thing i am using Avast antivirsus.

And how do i get my full internet speed i am still getting half speed of my internet speed.

Sorry for bad english

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