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HELP!! can't open UNINSTALL.LOG File

Guest jen

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Hi, I can manually remove the utorrent toolbar through my Tools window, but it comes back every time I restart my computer. I'm unable to remove the toolbar through ADD/REMOVE Programs. I've already removed utorrent's main program as it's impossible to use on dial-up (yes there are still unfortunate souls who are stuck with dial-up) but can't remove the toolbar. I even reinstalled the utorrent program and then tried to uninstall the toolbar to no avail, I get a "can't open uninstall.log file message. I've added and removed other programs in the interim without any problems, so I know it's not my system. Everytime the utorrent toolbar is active it slows down my computer - and believe me on dial-up that's slooooow.

If there's a solution I'd love to hear it.



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