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Bit torrent crashing, constantly


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New to this as only "discovered" this on Saturday night..

To start computer idiot here so be as simple as possible of you can, please..

I downloaded Bittorrent Saturday night, and successfully downloaded 3 tracks. Happy camper. However, this morning, Sunday, tried to open the program again to get a few more tracks but keep getting the error message "Bit torrent has crashed. A crash dump has being saved as C:file path../filename.dmp" It gives me 3 options to either: submit this to dump developers/ Just relaunch the application / don't relaunch the application or send a crash dump. Even if I select one of these the same error message will reappear after a few second.

Not a clue what this means or how to even start fixing. Tried to uninstall bittorrent but it is still there no matter what I do. I downloaded the program a few times today but regardless, I still get the exact same error message.

I'm running it on Windows Vista if thats any use. If you need more info please ask and will do my best to answer.

Thanks in advance for any and all help received.



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