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Looking through how TorrentSync works, I wouldn't think you guys are far from making some sort of hosting protocol, where websites can be hosted using the torrent protocol rather than at a central location.

Would be great for both the reliability of the torrent protocal, and its difficulty in shutting down.

You could give a "folder" which contains part of a website to another computer without giving them full access to every file, rather only an encrypted portion. So people could "seed" the website without having admin access to it.


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It's possible right now but only static websites I mean HTML, JS and so on.. I've been thinking about it but I can't think of the way to make it work. I mean you could implement php, mysql into app itself but first of all people could easily hack in it and second you would have to download

entire database and all files which is biggest issue it still needs some kind of main server for it to work. Maybe someone has any opinions on this?

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