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Hello BitTorrent,

You guys should add a feature that BitTorrent can automatically shut down your computer after being on for so long. I did see a good amount but nothing I was looking for.I'm saying add one that will let you seed for a couple hours and then just shut off the computer. I say this because I want to seed but I don't want to leave my computer on for the whole day until it over heats. Now some days I'm home and can monitor it and leave it one for a few hours but other times I head out for a few days and would still like to seed. It would be cool to have a feature like that I think.Thank you for listening and maybe hope to see it soon


a good fan

As typing this I did come across how to make a task so my computer will shutdown automatically after a set time so in the end it all worked out. Still though it might be something cool. Just think about it haha

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