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Adding a torrent 7/2/2013


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July 1st, I completed several movies/anime torrents without issue, seeded to a respectable limit and stopped torrenting and closed the program before bed.

Now as of July 2nd, I open Bittorrent (7.8 might I add) and find a torrent I wish to download, I click the button as usual and instead of the little window popping up asking me where i'd like to download this, what to name it, even which files to choose it just brings bittorrent up and nothing happens. No window, no torrent downloading, no errors pop up. So I issue this is an issue with that torrent and try other various files. To no avail that little window never popped up.

I go into options to ascertain what had changed since nobody uses my PC but myself and I didn't willingly change any options overnight. I noticed all the options are as I left them (When adding torrents> Show options to change the name and location of the torrent data IS checked like it has been) but nothing pops up. However disabling that allows the torrent to download just fine, but I can't pick and choose files nor tell individual ones where to download.

Nothings changed :/

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