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SoShareIt : Windows 8 hangs shortly after install


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I installed SoShareIt on Windows 8 and started transferring a big file (20G). Computer hanged in a couple of hours. Now after rebooting computer it hangs in about a minute after booting into Windows 8 desktop.

Is it a known problem? Is there a way to fix this? I tried to rollback Win8 to a restore point before soshareit installation, but it spinned in "restoring files" state for about 40 hours with no result.

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Guest porfitron

Hi zholobov,

If you want us to check the link out and take this offline, you can email me at soshare@soshareit.com.

Were you able to uninstall SoShare in the meantime?

Thanks for helping out with the beta.

--Porfirio, The SoShare Team.

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