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Large Scale User Sharing Problems .1 .2 .3


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Got very excited at BTSync but sadly it is just not as polished as what DropBox is, at doing the very thing it should be doing extremely well, syncing files.

When there is maybe one or two people sharing a folder, then things are fine. However, if you have 20 people all sharing the folder, with files under a 1MB then things go really wrong.

  • Files are randomly deleted all at once ... "Remote Peer removed file" is the message in the window; but we have no one called "Remote Peer".
  • Files getting duplicated; we have so many files named "current_file_name.1.xls" "current_file_name.2.xls" "current_file_name.3.xls" and so on. It just doesn't seem to handle this very well.
  • We have 22 users all sitting within the same network sharing a folder that has literally 25 files in it. Everyone is on Windows and everyone using the latest BTSync software.

Such a shame ... it was showing so much promise.

Sorry posted in the wrong forum.

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