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Maxing out processor and hiding songs!

Guest state bird

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Guest state bird

Problem #1 Maxing out the processor. I thought this was a problem with my pc but I searched a countless number of other forums on this topic and one post said it is more than likely some program you have running not a hardware problem. When I say maxed out it is only for 2 or 3 seconds and then returns to safe levels but this happens every couple of minutes. This also only happens when I am downloading stuff if I am not downloading stuff and the program is still running in the system tray its fine no maxing out. If I am listening to music or watching a movie when this max out happens it freezes video and makes the audio go crazy, pretty annoying when this happens every couple of minutes.

Problem #2 Hiding songs. When I have this program running and downloading stuff if I listen to a song in windows media player the song that I listen to will be marked as hidden and then it leaves media player because it is marked as hidden. Now if I go through the un-hiding process I can get the song back into my library but if I listen to it again it gets marked as hidden. This happens only to music that I download and not just one song but everything the only music it leaves alone is music that I rip onto my pc from actual cds. Also this does not happen when torrent is not running and downloading.

Any help is appreciated!

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