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Client "freezing" and acting strange


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I am running the current version of the client (on window 7) and today, when I try to launch it or add a torrent, the client comes up but "freezes". I say "freezes" because you can right click or left click something and it appears to be "working" but doesn't amount to anything. If you bring up another window and take it away, an exposure of what was on said window is burned into the client. When I click the client in this "thinking" state, I don't get the usual "not responding" message. The only way to close it is to use task manager as right clicking the tray icon and selecting "close" does nothing.

Nothing had changed on my laptop, I used the client successfully two days ago. I restarted the computer, no dice. I reinstalled the client, no dice. During the reboot, windows updates were applied, however the issue started prior to them being on my system so I doubt it has to do with the issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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