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BitTorrent Crashes my Computer part way into download /WriteToDisk Error


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I'm downloading some large torrents and at about 5% in to the download, my computer slows down to a near halt where I can't click or do anything.  I can't event force quite BitTorrent and I'm forced to power-cycle my Mac.


This has happened multiple times, to where I'm afraid to even use BitTorrent.  I'm not sure if it's the cause of the problem, but one of the times I noticed a WriteToDisk Error saying the drive was full.


That kind of perplexes me because when I check the available space on my Macintosh HD:


Capacity -- 499.25 GB

Available -- 115.01 GB


I'm using Mac OS X 10.7.5, and BitTorrent version 7.4.1. 


My torrents download to my ~/Downloads/ folder, and this has never been a problem before..

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