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Vipre AV trips on conduit toolbar included with BitTorrent


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I've been having a discussion over the last several days with GFI Software's Tech Support (manuf of Vipre).  Over the last few weeks, Vipre has been repeatedly complaining about the BitTorrent client, refusing to run it, let it install, or do anything else, saying it was a Trojan.


At first, GFI Tech Support they said they were investigating the error as a false positive.  Then last night, they informed me that they would NOT be issuing a new sig update fixing the BitTorrent client Trojan alert due to the fact that the "conduit toolbar" was included with the default install, and that it was the toolbar which was causing the Trojan alert.


Their tech support says to get BitTorrent installed, I first have to disable Vipre, then download the BT client, and start the install.  When the option for the toolbar is presented (Full install vs. Custom Install), I have to select Custom, then uncheck BOTH options for the toolbar, thereby not installing it.  When running, the resulting BT client definitely looks uglier, but at least it doesn't trip Vipre with a Trojan alert every time.


Can you please research and let me know why a leading AV product like Vipre would take an exception to the Conduit Toolbar??    Despite the legal click-wrap when installing the toolbar denying all responsiblity it concerns me greatly that BT would rely on an add-on that is apparently known bad.


Thank you.


p.s  I can forward the GRI SupportTrack ticket number, as well as the entire conversation with GFI Tech Support if interested. Please contact me on my private email (via forum registration).

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