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Hi, my Bittorrent crashed one day out of sudden and keep prompting with an error message "BitTorrent has crashed whenever I tried to open the application.

A dump report has been saved as : C:\xxxxxxxxxxx\25548-bittorrent.9fbc.dmp. What would you like to proceed? Submit this dump to the developers or Just relaunch the application or Don't relaunch the application or send a crash dump.

I chose the different options and each time the message prompted out. I also tried to uninstall the application via the Control Panel or using 3rd party appl removal software and again the error message kept prompting. I even tried to download the latest version 7.5 but it simply won't allow me to do anything.

Does anyone has the same experience and advise me how to get rid of this application or get it working? The last time I want to do is to reformat my PC.. Thanks in advance

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