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downloads cannot find path specified


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I run windows XP, I have been using bittorret for many years. All of a sudden 3 days ago whenever I try and download a torrent, any type of torrent be it dvd,music any, I now get an error message that system cannot find path specified. The torrent then stops....Now I am running bittorrent 7.8.1

YES the torrents I am attempting ARE good torrents...ie. well known uploaders such as jaybob, ettv, eztv etc...and I only ever download torrents that I have read the feedback on and checked the hashtags...I know the difference between a verified, good, healthy torrent- with dozens of good feedback from registered users- and a bad,fake, or even questionable torrent...so it is NOT the specific torrent(s) that Im attempting to dl that  are bad here....the names of the torrents are also fine, also my system is fine...I def. have no viruses....the only thing that has changed ,as far as I can tell, is that bit torrent has stopped working correctly...Im not sure if a new version has been installed (an update) in the past few days or not? any ideas??


I did find a fix...

.  as soon as torrent starts to dl, I stop it, go to advanced, reset the bans, back to advanced,reconfirm dl location. ie my documets>downloads,back to advanced, set dl name( which I keep the same, I just click OK) if I do these steps... then the torrent will work (download)...this is strange, and a bit of a nuisance....help?? anyone know why this is now happening, or what I can do to fix this somewhat annoying issue??


thanks a bunch in advance...and a huge thanks to the makers of this software that allow me to dl all this free content in the first place! Thank you from my heart!!

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no one replied to this on this forum, and on other forums all anyone could say was that it is a bug within bit torrent....so I finally just had to uninstall the software..I went back to using utorrent...and once again my torrents download as they should with no issues...I guess Ill never know why bittorrent stopped working correctly

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