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Mac OS X (Error: can't open .torrent file:...)

Guest nOmI

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Hey there, I'll be thankful of any help you can give me. I'm lost!

I'm working with a Macbook 6.1, with the OS X (10.6.1) and a two days ago I installed bitTorrent and happily started putting it to work. Today, however I took it for a walk and worked with it in a place with no internet connection and bitTorrent started normally but didn't made any traffic because it had no connection available.

I shut it down as usual and headed back home, and then when I arrived the horror struck! all torrents that had active and in queue presented the same message (Error: can't open .torrent file:...).

At this point I went to the folder where it should be loading the torrents from, and where previously it did with no apparent problem, and the files were there. I have configured to automatically load them from that location, could that present a problem?


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