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Invalid Argument (Check) Error.


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I have LG L9 with 4.1.2 android. My SD card is Samsung 16GB micro SDHC card.


Everything worked well few weeks ago. But when I tried to download something after a longer break I got Invalid argument (check) error. I tried to download stuff with different apps. Some gave me that error while others were "faking" downloading by showing me speed for a minute or two and after that speed dropped to 0 kb/s (with exactly 0byes downloaded).

Right now BitTorrent and other apps are only downloading files up to (more or less) 1GB with no problem. So far I reseted my phone back to factory settings and formated my samsung sd card. Nothing helped. I was googling since yesterday but I didin't find anything usefull (maybe except this: ( http://www.chainfire.eu/articles/113/Is_Google_blocking_apps_writing_to_SD_cards_/ - but I don't think it's really connected to my problem; after all downloading torrents wokred flawlessly some time ago!).


Can someone help me? And I'm really sorry for my english skills that probably made you all cry a little inside. 

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A little update for all those that have the same problem :)

I formated my sd card and it's now NTFS instead of FAT32. It's working great so far. I was thinking that maybe fat32 is the reason of all these errors but I didin't do anything about it right away because I COULD download files bigger than 4gb before. I have no idea what happend but whatever, I can download files now.

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