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Transfer Cap On Mac


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Hi guys I already googled this topic and did a search on these forums, but to no avail.


I can't see/figure out how to reset my transfer cap limit on Mac. When i searched it said to click the 'reset history' tab/button. I can see this tab no where on my bit torrent window and no where in my preferences. Am I blind or does this refer to windows versions on the program, I can not see it anywhere.


I want to reset it at the end of each month of my netGB limit. So far I have been fudging it by upping/downing the download/upload limit or the days its limited to… BUt this is not reliable as I bumped it up to 60GB when I was wanting one file to finish, which only had 2Gig left. But left my laptop running and didn't get home for 2 days, went over the limit as it was near the end of the month. Housemates were mad with our slow net speeds for the next week!



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At 28 views and no replies, I guess a few other Mac users are having this trouble. It is getting to be a pain when I can't reset at the end of the month.


I guess I will try and install an old version of bitTorrent and see if that option is easily findable, as the online line help seems to show pictures of a old version.


I will let you know what happens.

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