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Info On Making Torrents On My Comp Available


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Hey guys, was just wondering, I keep all my downloaded torrenents on my big storage drive.

I notice if I list many torrents on my bittorrent program my comp slows down quite a bit so

I remove a bunch of them. What I am wondering, is there any way I can make bittorrent

access all my torrents on my storage drive when I sleep or am not using my comp or do I have

to manually add each on back onto my bitorrent and how do I do that? I like to keep older

more hard to find torrents active but when they have like 2000+ seeders I remove them and

I would like like to learn how to share. I recently did a search of some of my more rare files

and some have only like 0-5 seeders and I need to figure out how to put them back quickly

and easily when I am done with my comp.

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