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Hello all,


Didn't know where else to ask this, this seemed like the most appropriate place.


I am looking for a developer who can help me developer a Torrent Tracker Monitoring software.


Basic Objective & Scope of this Monitoring tool is to Figure out the popularity of a torrent within a particular country/region.


This can be done by having a List of torrents to track, and then periodically checking with the Trackers hosting that torrent for Information about the different peers downloading it.


It should do the following:


1. Acquire & Analyze torrents

- Get torrents from an RSS Feed

- Scan a local folder where torrents will be updated

- Store all of this in the Database

- Support Magnet links


2. Multi-threaded Tracker Monitoring

- Connect to trackers

- Acquire Peer List regularly

- Filter by Country

- Determine other information

- Store in Database


3. Other Monitoring

- DHT - Find relevant peers & store data

- Peer Exchange

- Local Peer Discovery


4. Misc

- Should be able to stop the service & resume it from where it was left off

- Should be highly multi-threaded, needs to Monitor a Huge amount of Torrents (>50k)

- If possible, should be able to run the Monitoring tool as a coordinated service on multiple systems


Last I checked, the Monotorrent library provides for a lot of the above features. If someone could help me tweak the functionality, and build on top of the Monotorrent library, it would be great.


I am looking to PAY for this project obviously :)  . Interested people please do get in touch.


This could end up being a really useful piece of software for everyone, besides being a really cool side-project to work on

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