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So just today, I tried opening a couple .torrent files and magnet links. When I did, BitTorrent opened up, but nothing actually happened. No error message or anything. It would simply act as if I had not opened the file or magnet link. It was still seeding and downloading older torrents fine. But it refused to acknowledge anything new. I'll open the file or click the magnet link and it will switch to BitTorrent as if I had tabbed over to it, but nothing would actually happen.

So I poked around a bit to try and fix it. I have my settings to prompt me where I wanted to save the files. I took a shot in the dark and turned that option off. From there, it would add the torrent to the que and just start downloading to the default location (my downloads folder). Obviously, I couldn't choose where to put my new folders/files without manually changing the download location.

So I turned the option to choose where to put items at the start back on, and then it wouldn't acknowledge any again. So for now I need to leave it off which is pretty inconvenient. Until I figure this out, I have to reassign the location for anything new I download if I want to keep my stuff even remotely organized.

What gives?

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