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Need Help Setting Up


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I am interested in sharing files I have with others. I have no clue what I should do to share with others.

The terminology is strange. the number of variables seems huge.


Please....all i want is a step by step set of instructions so that my machine can share files with others.


If such a list of explicit instructions exists, then point me to them.


Thank you

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yeah pls... any help would be appreciated... i thought i had a grasp of it but its taking hours to download 1gb with 15 to 20 seeders.




EDIT maybe my terminology is wrong... there are loads of peers and its some sort of ratio or something under seeds... ive read the faqs and how to set up but i really need help knowing what to do... are ppl refusing to allow me to share their files because i am not sharing files atm? this is a brand new laptop as my other one was stolen so i have no movie files on it but i have music files from slsk.is it a problem with my settings? any advice would be much appreciated.

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