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What's Brown Color Code In Pieces Column?


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I'm trying to find out the meaning of the brown color code in the Pieces column in bittorrent 7.8.2. I've been using bittorrent for years but recently had to reinstall my Windows 7 OS and so had to reinstall bittorrent. I've never seen the brown color code in either the status or Pieces column before, the only colors I've noticed are green and gray. I'm concerned about this because three torrents I'm running have this brown color(mixed w/green) in the Pieces column and even though the status column reads "downloading", the number of pieces and percentage hasn't increased in over a week. These are very slow moving torrents and sometimes have no seeders but after over a week shouldn't either the Pieces or Percentage column increase a little? The file sizes are 6.97 MB, 583 MB and 397 MB.


While I have been using bittorrent for years, I'm no expert so any info you can provide is greatly appreciated, thanks!


Dan G.

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