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BitTorrent blocked by Vodafone - what to do?

Guest RF198

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Greetings all,

I am in Iceland and I use wireless internet hotspots of Vodafone (three different ones, but all Vodafone). BitTorrent downloads here were very fast (up to 1.2 MB/sec) up until a few days ago. Suddenly, internet was down for about one minute and then came back on, but all BitTorrent downloads were ceased – zero peers, zero MB/sec. I tried everything – torren2exe.com, ThunderMOD, encryptions, changing ports – every trick I could find online. Nothing works. Torrific doesn’t work either – the download always aborts towards the end. Regular internet connection is fine, and so are direct downloads.

Can anyone explain what’s going on? Is it Vodafone blocking BitTorrent, and if so how can I get around it?

Technical details:

OS: Win 7

BitTorrent client: BitTorrent

All cookies cleaned with CCleaner and SpyBot

Same computer, same OS, same firewall, same client for over a

year and no problems (in three different countries!) until


You help is appreciated.

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