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Combine Auto Shutdown With Time Limit?


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Hi folks,

Obviously, bittorent has a feature that allows it to auto shut down your PC after a download or seed goal has been completed.
My question is, can you combine this feature with a time limit? 
e.g. initially, you let your bittorent auto shutdown your PC if your seed goal has finished,
but if it exeeds your time limit of say, 5hours, it shuts down anyway. Wether your goal is reached or not.

If this feature exists, or if it's possible to make it work, that'd be great.
I let my PC down/upload overnight on a regular basis, but I would like to tho this also when I leave for vacations. 
But I don't want to do this yet, because often a dn/upload stagnates, and then it could just take even a few weeks before a goal is completed and my PC is shut down.
If I can set a time limit of a day when I leave, I can let my PC dn/UPload for a whole day on full speed because I personally don't use my internet anyway..
Maybe it's an idea for the next update? It would be great.

Thanks in advance!

ps: sorry for my english, but i'm a dutchman.. 

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