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It Seems Like Bittorrent Is Already Running But Not Responding


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This is the error I get any time I try to download a torrent. It also happens on utorrent, I've tried restarting my computer, checking for viruses and malware/spyware, using different torrents or torrent sites, and disabling my antivirus (which is Avast) and nothing will solve this. When I go to the task manager to end the process, I still get this message. I don't have a firewall connected to avast, and everything was working fine just a few days ago. Both bittorrent and avast are up to date. I'm using Windows 7. I've read what was mentioned here and this is not the issue I'm having. I've even tried other torrent programs like Vuze and Tixati and I couldn't get those to function properly either. Is there any way I can get bittorrent working like it should again?

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