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[Help] Laptop Freezes Every Time Torrent Starts Its Downloading


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Hi there,


Recently, I found out that the downloading torrent is the main cause that my laptop freezes. The only thing I can do is press the power button to shut it down. But when I turn it on, start the torrent, and again, the laptop freezes. It's not Blue Screen of Death. It's more like a system crash. For reference, my laptop freezes just like the image in the link below. 



I've tried using CCleaner to fix registry, clean disk, Avast Internet Security to scan for viruses, and re-installed BitTorrent. Still, nothing is fixed yet. I haven't installed any software for 2 months. And this problem started a few weeks ago. I'm using Windows Vista 32 bit.

Would greatly appreciate if anyone could fix it! :)  

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