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"set Destination Name" Feature Not Working


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I found out that "Set Destination Name..." feature is not working (under "Advanced" context menu).


I've seen this feature first time few days ago when searching for a way to change the name of packages I downloaded, and saw that after performing it the destination name doesn't change, and Bittorrent doesn't recognize the download package anymore (looks like Bittorrent fails to change the destination name on my HDD, but thinks the destination was changed and it doesn't find it anymore because it is looking for the new name...). 


This feature is very important for users who want to keep packages seeding on their PC, while allowing them to change the package local name (on their HDD) for neat order.


I've seen this both on Windows 7 and Windows 8 (64 bit)





p.s.: The complementary feature "Set Destination Location..." works fine! This feature is also very important since it allows to move the downloaded package to a new location on HDD for neat order (for example you have all your downloaded movies in the same folder, and not the Bittorrent default download folder). The second feature I asked above is no less important since, for example, it allows the user, if that's a move, to change the folder name to reflect better the movie title or add its name in his translated native language etc. I guess I don't have to explain the necessity of this feature, because you've implemented already, so you know it is important ;) I just want it to work. 

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