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Torrents Will Not Say Finished When Clicking On Stop


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I have BitTorrent 7.9.1 and windows 8.1. BitTorrent was working great until about a week ago and now when I stop a torrent, it will stay as "Queued Seed" or "Seeding" and will not turn to "Finished" until I exit out of BitTorrent and restart the program.


In addition, when I click on magnet links to add a torrent, There used to be no delay in adding but now seems to be a 6-7 second delay for the torrent to be added.


Also, the finished torrents used to auto-sort alphabetically automatically and now they won't.


All 3 of these issues started at the same time.


I have unistalled BitTorrent a couple of times and the issue is still there.


Any suggestions?

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Have the same issue with status, quite annoying, actually. Here is what I learned about that:

1. Status changing when you change marks of this torrent(add or remove one). No need to restart.

2. Status doesn't display as changed (usually, at least) when Scheduler is active and it is not the time to download torrents :). In my case I used in Scheduler only two states: full activity (green) or nothing (white). When it's "white time" :) - there is mentioned bug with status display. I'm not sure if this bug exists without active Scheduler (do not remember, actually), but there is a possibility.

3. My guess is: status in UI changing only after torrent state is changed by sometning: download, upload, labels/marks etc. Only thing it doesn't react to - it's when user changing this status manually (stop/start). Interesting thing is that this status is changing after this actions, it just doesn't show that to user :).


About auto-sort: I figured that the sort algorithm for it was changed. Haven't figured out basic logic for new sorting though, it is quite strange. For example, last added torrent sometimes appear at the top when selected sorting is not by date. After some time it is not at the top anymore. I usually select sorting by status so torrents with connection errors or deleted from tracker (updated) are at the top and can be easilly spotted. Before "new sorting" torrents with same status were sorted alphabetically which was good. Only way it would be better - if user could select at least two orders of sorting, first and second level of it (the more - the better :) ).



P.S. By the way, I'm a former user of uTorrent, which, as I can see now, basically this client with few modifications that doesn't affect functionality. Same bugs for both clients. For example, this "status bug" is in there too, appeared about the same time as in BitTorrent.


Update: issue with status exist now anytime, just checked. Version 7.9.1 build 30889, updated about two hours ago (manually, with replace of .exe file).

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