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Where To Store Downloads


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Please can someone give me some advice on what I should be doing.


I have a Linkstation 420 NAS.  The NAS came with BitTorrent preloaded and with a _active and _torrent_files folders but I don't really understand what the difference is between an "_active" and "_torrent_files" and so I do not know where I should be saving files.   When going to the preferences I am unsure what and where I am supposed to set my files to go.  


Which of these should I be using for the following option in the directories tab of the preferences;


" Put new downloads in"

"Move completed downloads to"

"Store torrents in"

"move torrents for finished jobs to"


and what is best practice for the final files.    


The directories tab in preferences currently saves all my torrents to my computer by default but I want to save the torrents and final finals to my NAS drive.   T Then I really want to be able to save my final downloads in separate folders for film, tv, music etc on my NAS


I'm open to suggestions





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