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Bittorrent Chat Concerns And Criticism


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A really bad demonstration of P2P messaging is Skype.

Here are a few reasons it is a bad demonstration:

  • If you send a user a message and then go offline, and they come online, they will not receive your message until you are online again.
  • If you send a user a message who is appearing offline, you can tell that they are appearing offline because the spinning message icon turns to a sent checkmark which defeats the purpose of appearing offline if you are avoiding someone.
  • Video calls constantly drop out.
  • Skype's P2P is centralized in a sense which is completely pointless since they allow the government to snoop through everything.
  • It takes a lot of battery on mobile phones.
  • It still requires a data plan or internet plan / connection which in Canada is extremely controlled and abused. We pay roughly 70-80 dollars a month for 4GB of data and unlimited text messaging and limited calling.

To make BitTorrent chat to be really useful, we need to start developing phones with multiple wireless network adapters in them that connect to each other and create a peer to peer chained network that turns into a p2p internet connection that requires no centralized connection point or server. Basically what tor is except every phone is a web server that connects to other web servers and hosts and shares encrypted pieces of information. Once we can eliminate ISP's the people will be in control of prices, and the people will not pay for these ridiculous services.


If every person who had a wireless router could chain their routers together they could span the entire city and communicate citywide without any ISP or radio tower.


Yes it would be slow at first, but slow is better than censorship.


I am interested to hear all your thoughts. I have been thinking about this for a long time, but I am not an electronic engineer I am just a PHP programmer.



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