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Automatic Pause When Ip Changes (I.e. Vpn Drops !)


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Hi All,


A feature that automatically pauses when your IP address changes would be fantastic. In this big brother society we all use VPNs but sometimes they disconnect, and automatically reconnect - but during that short time period of it reconnecting - we are unprotected and everything is 'on show'  :( .


Basically - while I am not on a VPN I want all transfers paused!


Not too sure how it would work as when you reconnect to the VPN you could end up with a different address? Simplest option would possibly to have an option to enter your normal ISP given IP address and if BT detects that is your address then it pauses transfers until the IP becomes anything other than that? A little messy as most of us have dynamic IPs so we'd have to remember to change it now and again, but thats down to us then lol  :)


Another possibility would be to have an option where if your IP changes, all transfers are paused for xx seconds? Not 100% safe if the VPN never reconnects but better than nothing  :lol:


Also wanted to take this opportunity to say that BitTorrent is a fantastic app - so much better than other torrent clients - great work guys :)



Thanks, Mark

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