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While I understand this is a very early release,

basically to test the core technology, I'd still like to post some suggestions.


The following features would be a must:


  • Image pasting
    Useful when used as a collaboration tool, the amount of times we exchange
    images such as screenshots, pastes from the snipping tool in windows, etc...
  • File pasting (or perhaps integration with btsync)
  • Plugins (should be easy enough to allow through MEF) that would allow
    the community to build stuff like code syntax highlighting. This is not useful
    for 90% of the users, so it would only make sense as a plugin.
  • Group chat
  • Minimize to system tray

Even with these basic features, Bleep could instantly replace tools such as HipChat & QQ.

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Guest JimmyTheSaint

Is messaging contacts who aren't currently online on the roadmap? It would be nice to replace LINE on my computer, and someday on my Android phone, too.

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console for technical info, debug etc. connection/integration status


ability to create a large Group chat (eg irc)


executable: bleep:f481efa1d233a60194171d84c43af0114fe90576fbf..


group call

control of sound, low sound of my friend, amplify the sound

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We will certainly share once the the timing for each feature is finalized. The order of what feature to implement first (or what to remove) constantly changes as a result of our user feedback, user research, etc. 


The last thing that we want to do is to promise to implement a feature within a certain timeframe and then change it because some other feature gets prioritized over that for some reason. 

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