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Not Usable At All In Dark Windows Themes.


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I already reported that by support mail, but it's still not fixed...

If the application respects the system background colour, it must respect the system font colour too. Either it must respect both of them or neither of them and set its own colours for both...

But if it takes background colour from system settings and sets its own font colour - the big chance that UI will be completely unreadable.




Anyway, trying to always set own hard-coded colours for application window without any chance to change it by user - is bad idea. It looks like some kind of narcissism of such applications, instead of being user-centric...

Guys, respect please other people colour preferences. Not all people like that bright eye-killing light shining from the monitors while sitting 12 hours a day working in front of three monitors. Make the application respect the system colour settings - it is what the system colour themes were designed for. As your application's bright white patch shining between all-black interfaces of all other windows around it - just really kills the eyes.


Besides that - really great idea to finally release the fully secure and decentralised communication client. There is really high demand in this nowadays...

Thank you for your effort!

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