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Decency Of Share Ratio


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I get the concept that the term "leech" has been adopted by the torrentulas of the WWWeb and further that the term is somewhat pejorative. What I'm having trouble understanding how nearly three hundred of you read this message and passed on the opportunity to state your opinion on what makes a good particpant and what criteria you have for naming someone a leech. if there is no discussion trail for a newbie to find that covers the subject matter, then watch out, we are probably not going to get the torrent climate we want.


So here are a few practices I'm doing in that vacuum of ya'll's statements about it. I try searches various torrent repositories, not gonna mention names, they're easy to find. Upon discovery of an at least verbally interesting torrent, I crank up the bittorrent (already running) to try for that to see if it fulfils my initial curiosity. The torrent approach usually requires all the pieces to arrive at your machine before you can try to use the things in there. Some times you can reject a torrent on the basis of duplication, inappropriateness, or incompleteness in some manner even if the whole torrent were to arrive. In those situations, I simply delete the torrent even if it has started seeding. My logic is that if it's defective for me, it doesn't deserve a collection of magnetic spots on my devices.


When I get a "good" torrent, it goes into a seeding folder, where bittorrent knows how to let me send pieces to others looking for the same material. The chances are that copies of that good stuff will be put into other, more appropriate places among my media storage. Aha, duplication, good for data survival but not so good for minimizing stored stuff. As you can probably guess, the files in danger of being deleted or moved offline sometimes are those in the seeding folder I mentioned. The question is when is the "best" time to do that?


What I do now is look at the share ratio value for each of the torrents. The higher that number, I think, the more likely I will simply remove it from the torrents list. The way I understand it is, if the ratio is 2, it means that there are two other copies out there in cyberspace for the one that others have provided for me. No matter that the actual pieces I've sent made a 100% copy anywhere. I didn't get all my pieces from one place and there's no need for the next guy(s) to expect to do the same, is there? It also does not matter when the ratio hits whatever threshhold I set even before it finishes arriving here. I watch the uploading counts reach significant values sometimes considerably before reaching 100%.


I look at the uploading rate (sort high to low) to see which of my resident seeding files is popular. I use this as a gauge to decide which of the supernumerated share ratio torrents are most eligible for deletion. I've seen the ratios go into the teens and twenties in some cases. Leech or not, I think I've done decently by the community if the ratio is above 2. I may keep a torrent seeding indefinitely if I believe that information is good to have available on a long term basis. I am of course keeping those 99.x% torrents around hoping like the dozen or so peers with the same completion numbers that someone with a complete torrent will eventually show up and save us all. If I am fortunate enough to be the one among us who reaches 100%, I will probably let the sharing ratio reach a number significantly higher than 2 just so I can be that 100% savior for all the others who have wrung our hands for weeks over that last 0.4% to download.


TLDR: how I keep files around for seeding and when they get deleted from being seeded by me.


lets get some discussion going here, what cha say?

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