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I downloaded Utorrent and ever since I have massive malware and spyware that came with the download. I cant delete Utorrent because it took over my administrative permissions. It has screrwed up my computer massivley. I have asked friends of mine and they never ever download Utorrent it's littered with malware and spyware. 

Norton, AVG, Mcafee, Kaprinsky, Avast have all found malware and spyware in Utorrent.

Now how can I remove this crap. 

Utorrent needs to get their heads out of their asses and hire IT techs that know what they are doing,

Malware and spyware have been in the system a little over a year, and those idiots havent caught it? 

Incompitent idiots and they keep their jobs????


SO how can I remove this bullshit Utorrent piece of crap program?


Thank you

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