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Bittorrent Backup

Alcolo Alcolo

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I think BitTorrent sync is not the solution:

- I don't care where my data is going.

- I want my data to have redundant copy

- There is no need that a peer have a full copy of my data (for security reasons)

- Data redundancy ratio may be maintained automatically if one peer is not available for a long time.

- I need two ways transfer to get back my data

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My problem is not to find disk space but to backup my data safely.

Like a lot of people, I don't have

Tbytes for avi or iso files or to host 2 or more operating systems. My 2Tb drives contains essentially multiple copies of essential data backups.

If *you* have not enough space, don't share it, but a lot of people can do it.

Because I don't like cloud solution (ie data centers in Alaska owned by few companies), I'm looking for P2P solutions (people's resources sharing)

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