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Never Had A Problem Before But Now Bittorrent Won't Download


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Hi guys,


Not sure if this is the right thread, I'm new here- made the account just to ask this, but I've used bittorrent for ages and have never had a problem till today when nothing will download. Internet is working fine. Basically I'm trying to download a couple of files and they are not moving from 0% and are changing between the red exclamation mark and the downloading arrow. However this has not stopped it from downloading stuff... each file has over a gig downloaded yet there are all less than a gig in size and haven't moved from 0%. The files themselves have appear on my desktop but once inside the folder everything inside is not openable. I doubt it's what I'm downloading as I'm downloading more than one thing and have never had a problem from tpb before.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks :)

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