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Change The Torrent "path" From Within The Bittorrent Client


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It would be great if I was able to change the complete path of the torrent from within the client.


Currently when you choose a folder to download a group of files to it creates a folder based on the file name of the torrent file. The only way to change the name of this folder and have the client still able to find the files to allow them to continue seeding is to rename the torrent, rename the directory to the same new name, then "set download location" to the directory containing the renamed directory, THEN force recheck the torrent. That's a lot of clicking. After some research I found that the directory is stored in a "path" string in the resume.dat file. I changed the path in the file directly using BEncode and restarted bittorrent and everthing worked perfectly. If I could do that within the client itself, I could save alot of time.


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