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Weird Download Problem When Seeding


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I've just discovered a weird problem when using utorrent or qtorrent. I've got a 13MB link I can usually get 10MB download speeds when *not* using a bittorrent client. I can even get about that when using either client to download bittorrent files but once the BT client is just seeding (and not downloading), I can only get about 5MB download speed including other devices on my network.


I've been using PRTG to monitor the bandwidth at both the router and the machine running the bittorrent clients and there's nothing else 'using up' the extra bandwidth.


Why the heck would seeding (uploading), cause a massive drop in download speed? Is my ISP capping me, is my router misconfigured? Is my router just not coping? Is there a problem with that PC or the network card? The only thing I can think of is that the router (Billion Bipac 7800n) is somehow got itself into some half-duplex mode but I can't see any settings to check that and nor would I expect to.


None of it makes any sense.


I'm not using wifi by the way so at least there's something we don't have to worry about and I've got no throttles on the BT clients.


Any idea? I'm stumped. I've been around PCs and routers quite a while and have identified and fixed all sorts of things but have never seen anything this odd before.


I could try Wireshark but I've no idea what to look for there.


A quick summary...

No bittorrent client :speedtest = 10MB/1MB

Bittorent - downloading: Bittorrent : 10MB/1MB

Bittorrent - Seeding: Speedtest 5MB/0.5MB

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