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The State Of Asynchronous Secure Messaging


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All the currently hyped 'secure' text messaging solutions fail at one thing: asnychronous secure messaging, ideally over multiple devices.


- Tox no offline messages. Not coming anytime soon

- Whispersystems. Supports offline messaging but no PC client, allegedly coming "soon".

- Bleep. No offline messages. Claim it will come "soon" but no timeline given.

- OTR. No offline messages because it's 'less secure'. They will not consider introducing it.


I don't care how secure a protocol is, if it doesn't support asynchronous messaging at least as an option -- even if less secure -- then it's worthless IMO. I understand this feature is complex to develop, but why bother releasing an IM software at all without offline messaging? I don't understand how no one else appears to be bothered by this.


It's a shame only Telegram and Skype have got this right and I am back to using them -- although I don't like them.

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