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Slow Download Rate


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Hey. Admin. Please reply. :/


Really?! You are honestly expecting a reply from an Admin less than an hour since your post... and on a Saturday too?!! :P


Anyway, slow download speeds could be due to several reasons, none of which may relate directly to the BitTorrent Client itself. For example;

  • Your ISP may be employing some traffic management on your connection, and intentionally slowing down/limiting your P2P traffic
  • A torrent with plenty of seeds doesn't automatically mean you'll get a file quicker, if for example available seeds have restricted/limited upload bandwidth. i.e. 1 seed with an 200mbps upload capacity would get you a file a whole lot quicker than 10 seeds uploading at a rate of 1kbps!


Try another torrent; if you get the same slow speeds, it's likely an issue with your ISP/connection. If you get faster speeds with this second torrent, it indicates an issue with the first torrent


...bottom line, in either case, your issue is unlikely to be related specifically to the BitTorrent Client itself.

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