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Bleep @ Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)


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Bleep takes the resources of more than 90%, on the other hand bleep was @ second day of running and I had not reboot my tab for several days... I also noticed that Bleep was particularly affected to battery, and i had to charge my tab without power, and even after that tab took more battery than recharged so i had to remove Bleep :(...

I´ll be trying some more Bleep and let users know how this works... I had to uninstall it because of battery loss...

PS. I just downloaded it again, and file were about 13,94 mb. and it is Bleep (Alpha) at Finnish Google Play-store. Now i have hard time to get my phone number correct (register to Bleep as old user, and kind of new because i dont know how to use my old number with new user :D)

Btw. Platform is Android

I added Bleep to my moms phone (i cant remember exactly what it is, but it is also Samsung but no tab-version. No battery issues or any other issues at all. Also with android.

PS. Well... I tried use Bleep with my moms phone, but i should uninstall it from it before there is stable version. I tried to find user and tried to use phone's camera, and program went down. So Bleep does not work with Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition and LG D160.

Summary: I had to remove both from my moms phone and my own tab...

would seem to be a virus or some otherkind of dangerous program because the data transfer is interrupted almost completely (I use a program that uses a variety of programs to download programs etc. Programs were interrupted almost completely, over 90%), and the program did not worked, but I look forward to BitTorrent corrections of the programs files and the program to act as should be. Nice idea anyway and hooray to BitTorrent!

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